ISU Center for Space Entrepreneurship

ISU Center for Space Entrepreneurship

Space Launch for Investors

Presented by ISU-CSE and Space Angels

April 3-4, 2019
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Florida

Join us for a one-day seminar to learn about the business of launch from industry insiders. Attendees receive exclusive tours of launch and private industry facilities, plus a reception at KSC's Astronaut Hall of Fame.

$2,000 fee includes tours, reception and investor seminars.

Workshop Agenda

Wed., April 3

1 p.m. - KSC and Industry Tours

6 p.m. - Dinner and Reception Hosted by ISU-CSE at KSCVC Astronaut Hall of Fame.

Thurs., April 4

8 a.m. - Space Launch for Investors Seminar

Seminar Topics for Commercial Space Investors

  • Launch fundamentals: Basics that make a difference for business.
  • Launch markets: Featuring perspectives from both traditional and new-space.
  • Customer perspectives: Talk with satellite manufacturers and operators about considerations related to traditional satellites, small satellites and constellations.
  • Launch provider perspectives: Learn from executives representing both new start and established launch providers.
  • Risk: Hear perspectives on the hard lessons of launch from industry participants.


  • Jim Cantrell, CEO, Vector Launch
  • Rich DalBello, VP, Virgin Orbit
  • Janet Karika, NASA Chief of Staff (formerly NASA Launch Services Program)
  • Tom Cremins, NASA Associate Administrator for Strategy
  • Eric Stallmer, President, Commercial Spaceflight Federation
  • Andy Aldrin, Florida Tech (formerly Director Business Development ULA)
  • Chad Anderson, CEO, Space Angels
  • Ravi Chaudary, FAA AST Director Research and Technology
  • Ray Lugo, UCF  (former Director NASA Glenn Research Center, Deputy Director NASA Launch Services Program)
  • Frank Dibello, CEO, Space Florida
  • Jeff Greason, CTO, Electric Sky